In Linnea’s Words

Linnea, almost three, has been telling stories nonstop lately. In an effort to remember some of those, I wanted to post a few of them here. Some, and I apologize in advance, are a little gross for my liking. But, I have to admit, her lack of filter is sometimes refreshing, and funny after a long day. She tells most of her stories after her bedtime story and the lights are out. I lie down next to her and it sometimes feel like we are at a slumber party; she thinks of random things to say, and we giggle together. Other times, she shares her feelings about things that happened during the day (mostly at school).

From Linnea:

Do you know why I eat boogers out of my nose? Because they make ladybugs.

My friend went to a farm and her name is Halflaff. And she cries at the farm if her mama and dada are away.

My friend says there’s a poo poo stain in the mountains, but it’s far away from our house. And the guy who owns it, gives people tickets.

When you are three, you get to play a lot, be old, and do EVERYTHING.

Mama, the teachers don’t ask me what day of the week it is. I want to say what day of the week it is. That makes me sad.

Did you play with your mama when you were a baby?

(And her favorite…) Mama, tell me about when I was a baby.

Will it stop winding? (As in the wind)

Last today, we…. (meaning yesterday)

I am a vegetarian AND a meat eater.

Mama, you make me happy when I am with you. (heart melter!)

(And my favorite…while kissing my palm) Mama, I love you wherever you may go.

(She has also been saying “Seriously” at the end of sentences now. As is in, “Baby is really hungry. Seriously. [insert fake laugh from her]” And she still says, “Ska-petti” for spaghetti…)

I am sure there will be more stories and sayings to come…


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