Being Three

I have decided I want to be three again. Being this age enables one to…

  • Say exactly what is on his/her mind in each moment
  • Hug someone immediately and closely whenever desired
  • Not care what you look like, ever
  • Sleep whenever you are tired and as often as you need
  • Be excited about the small things in life (i.e. balloons, a sunset, chocolate), or the big things, whatever your perspective
  • Not worry
  • Spend your days coloring, being read to, playing
  • Explore playgrounds and parks while the adults look bored on benches
  • Dance often
  • Snuggle with stuffed animals and cuddle with family
  • Live in the moment

Linnea officially turned three at 3:12 p.m. on Sunday, October 12. We had the morning to ourselves at home to make waffles, read, play, and open gifts. (And watch “Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood”, her favorite.)


When I asked L.E. what she wanted to do for her birthday, she immediately replied, “Go in a hot air balloon”. After explaining how high up in the air they go, she changed her mind to “play with friends”. We settled on a small children’s museum just down the road. With cupcakes, party hats, and dear friends & close family, we celebrated.

Not surprising, Linnea crashed as soon as we got home at 2:30 until about 4:30/5. After an exciting afternoon playing and a long nap, I asked her what she would like me to make for her special birthday dinner at home. Mostly expecting “Mac & Cheese” as a response, I was caught off guard when she replied, “Beer bread [looooong pause], homemade potato soup”. That ata girl, I thought. So, I cooked while Ben and Linnea played in her new dollhouse (a sweet hand-me-down from our friend, BB).


While getting ready for bed, we reflected on her day. I was reminded of what her Auntie Mary observed at her party: Linnea hurriedly coming around the corner following some of her friends saying mostly to herself, “I am having SO much fun!”

And, now a few pictures of the three year old who reminds me often, “Mama, I am a big girl now.” So true.

A few from her birthday (she requested chocolate cupcakes with sprinkles):

cupcakes       LE9

(Not the best pictures–capturing toddlers is difficult!–but here is L.E. with each of her buddies who came to play with her…)

LE8     LE11

And below are some pictures from a recent preschool field trip to a farm in Niwot; Ben and I were able to chaperone. In the car on the way there, we drove Linnea and two of her classmates (one is her buddy in one of the pics below). L.E. ended up tickling both of them most of the way.

Each child played in the hay bale maze, chose a pumpkin and fed an animal. We chuckled during snack time because the kids took upon themselves to raise their hand randomly and say things like, “Raise your hand if you like ________”. Every student asked about type of food. Linnea got brave and raised her hand stating, “Raise your hand if you like giraffes.”

     LE6     LE5

LE7  LE12

And a few recent favorites, a girl on a mission:

LE1   LE4

And life is good…

LE2      LE3   The end.


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