Definitely not as exciting as pancakes, but…my first column!

Back in January, I sent in a few writing samples to The Denver Post to be considered for the Colorado Voices Panel, a group of local writers who publish columns throughout the year which focus on regional issues. I was ecstatic when I got the phone call offering me a spot…still pinching myself.

My first column came out this last Sunday, Sept. 6. My daughter grabbed the paper off the driveway before Howard that morning. She jumped on her “skuut” bike ready to head to breakfast with me, Ben, my brother Andy, and his girlfriend Amanda. Leave it to a three year old to keep your ego in check: she was definitely more impressed by her funny face pancakes at the cafe then her mama’s mug in the paper.

Anyway, if you are curious, feel free to read it here. Perhaps while eating pancakes?


4 thoughts on “Definitely not as exciting as pancakes, but…my first column!

  1. That is a really amazing piece of writing, Libbi. I have no doubt you are a blessing to your students and a great advocate for their education and well-being. It’s a great reminder for those of us far removed from the classroom.


  2. “All students, regardless of socioeconomic status, should feel their stories matter. They should also feel that all classrooms equally welcome their minds and hearts.”

    YES, YES, YES!!!


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